Description Edit

Zafiro is one of Cristali and Zafiro Toon/ValdroxX Studio’s OC’s. She is used more frequently than her sister in Cristali’s videos.

She was voiced by MinakoClau in Spanish and currently voiced in English by disdainfulUtensil.

Appearance Edit

Zafiro is an anthropomorphic arctic fox with white fur, big ears that have red dots on them, an abnormally huge tail with a red dot on its tip, and messy blue hair that appears as shoulder-length or waist-length depending on the video. Zafiro has side-swept bangs that cover one of her eyes, and is known for her gigantic breasts, her spiral cheeks, her cross-eyed, soulless, and terrifying blue eyes, her always moving tail, and the human clothes that she wears. She looks extremely similar to Wolfychu‘s OC, Wolfy.

Screen shot 2018-08-18 at 12.17.48 PM

Zafiro's current look.