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Today, we will find the rabbit hole that goes deeper into the mystery of Valdroxx Studios/Cristali. From his pedophile acts, his tracing, and his rude remarks, to the fact that he supports rape and harassment, we will expose every little detail about his past life and his life in the present day. Beware of Cristali!

About Cristali/Valdroxx StudiosEdit

Cristali's Twitter

Cristali, also known as Valdroxx Studios, is an infamous and controversial YouTuber and 'animator' that works on stuff like “Bad Girls” and animation memes.

He pretends to be a 16-year-old girl "animating" (sarcasm) some animation memes.

He spends most of his time posting MLP and other porn on his twitter,(Viewer Discretion is advised) ☀

He also sells porn on his wonderful Patreon which he gets paid around $66 per a month.

He also gets inappropriate fan art from his fans on his other twitter,☀

Cristali also bullied EMI Matsuno to the point that she almost took her own life.

He currently has an Encyclopedia Dramatica page and you can find all the information there.

Animation, which is the illusion of movement is what David does, despite it being an illusion of animation.

Do not at all costs try to collab with him or voice act his OCs.

Doing so will result in;

If you ask to collab with him, he will ask for your face.

If you try voicing his OCs, good luck getting creeped out, chances of him threatening you is very high.

David's grammar is absolute garbage, most 8-year-olds can speak better IMO.

Despite all evidence, YouTube has done nothing to ban his IP Address or YouTube channel.

I'll leave all the personal information here.

He lives in Guatemala.

His discord tag is Cristali#9233. (But the cuck disabled this shit LOL.)

His real name is David Alesso Argueta.

He is (as of now) 19 years old.

Despite everything that happened, Cristali is a great way to gain attention and subs, and the result is most people milking this topic for views and also for the lulz.


Cristali's Main OC, Zafiro.